Graham :: Birth Day {Columbia SC baby photographer}

I had been looking forward to this day for quite some time.  My dear friend Angie was having a home birth with her second baby and wanted me to document it.  Just the thought of it seemed so peaceful and perfect to me.  We lived 5 minutes from each other, making it even more convenient and easy. Wellllll, I should have known that the first lesson in birth photography is that babies come when they are ready.  Not when you are ready.  So, without anyone to watch my babies at home, I missed sweet Graham's birth by a few hours.

But what I did get to witness and document for them was just as perfect.  When I arrived around dinner time, it was almost surreal.  You'd never have known that a baby had just been born.  Angie and Graham were sweetly snuggling in the bed together, soaking up the moment, and I could instantly feel the love that filled the room.  It was beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.

Graham, you chose the perfect family to be born into.  Your big sister is so great with you and will no doubt be your favorite friend and playmate.  And your parents are already the best at navigating these murky waters of life with a newborn.  You are lucky in love, sweet boy, that's for sure.  :)