Courtney + Mario :: Craggy Gardens Asheville NC photographer

A few months ago, when I was thinking about how I wanted to launch my new brand, I knew that it had to include a giveaway for a portrait session.  Gifting photographs to a deserving couple or family has been one of life's greatest rewards for me and Courtney and Mario could not have been more incredible to work with.  From our initial conversation when I floated the idea of shooting in Asheville (Courtney didn't even hesitate on that one) to watching them climb out on a ledge overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains (despite her legit fear of heights), this experience was more than I had ever dreamed. 

There is something so freeing, so empowering and uplifting about shooting for fun, without any pressure or preconceived expectations.  It truly fills me up.  A million thank you's to Courtney and Mario for being amazing and fearless and funny and adventurous and just plain wonderful.  You two are an inspiration and I'm forever grateful.

Clayton :: Portrait

Every time I look at these images, I smile.  This session is definitely a favorite and has inspired me to make more imagery that shows the magic of childhood, the whimsy in the everyday.  Clayton was the perfect little forest fairy and I'm so grateful that her mom was supportive of the vision I had for her. greenville_sc_wed_photographer_8greenville_sc_wed_photographer_9greenville_sc_wed_photographer_10greenville_sc_wed_photographer_11greenville_sc_wed_photographer_12greenville_sc_wed_photographer_13greenville_sc_wed_photographer_14greenville_sc_wed_photographer_15greenville_sc_wed_photographer_16greenville_sc_wed_photographer_17greenville_sc_wed_photographer_18greenville_sc_wed_photographer_19greenville_sc_wed_photographer_20greenville_sc_wed_photographer_21greenville_sc_wed_photographer_22greenville_sc_wed_photographer_23greenville_sc_wed_photographer_24greenville_sc_wed_photographer_25

Gettys Family {Columbia SC family photographer}

Hanging out with this family is always a super fun adventure and I look forward to it every time.  We wanted to do a sort of  'day in the life' session to capture who their family is right now, doing the things they love together.  What does that look like when you have two charismatic, energetic, fun-loving boys?  Well… there are a lot of trampoline-jumping, frog-catching, rock-skipping, zip-lining, hammock-swinging, stick-poking, stair-climbing, tree-swatting, piggy-back riding adventures.  And tons of laughter.  I loved every minute of it (and slept really well that night, haha). Hats off to you, Beki and Will, for raising such fine young men and having such a blast doing it.  xoxo