Clayton :: Portrait

Every time I look at these images, I smile.  This session is definitely a favorite and has inspired me to make more imagery that shows the magic of childhood, the whimsy in the everyday.  Clayton was the perfect little forest fairy and I'm so grateful that her mom was supportive of the vision I had for her. greenville_sc_wed_photographer_8greenville_sc_wed_photographer_9greenville_sc_wed_photographer_10greenville_sc_wed_photographer_11greenville_sc_wed_photographer_12greenville_sc_wed_photographer_13greenville_sc_wed_photographer_14greenville_sc_wed_photographer_15greenville_sc_wed_photographer_16greenville_sc_wed_photographer_17greenville_sc_wed_photographer_18greenville_sc_wed_photographer_19greenville_sc_wed_photographer_20greenville_sc_wed_photographer_21greenville_sc_wed_photographer_22greenville_sc_wed_photographer_23greenville_sc_wed_photographer_24greenville_sc_wed_photographer_25

Canaan :: Birth Day {Columbia SC baby photographer}

Being present for the birth of a baby is something that will stay with me always.  It is the most emotionally raw experience, one that is spiritual and moving and awe-inspiring.  It is sacred. I woke up on the morning of January 5th to a text from Jenny saying they had gone to the hospital in the middle of the night.  Today was THE day.  I arrived at about 9:30 that morning, not knowing how quick things were or weren't progressing.  I was greeted by my sweet friend who was serene, smiling, and as calm as I've ever seen her.  That never changed throughout the day.  She was the picture of grace through all of it.  Through the pain, the uncomfortableness, the pushing.  All of it.  I truly was in awe of her quiet strength and ability to focus without the help of any medicine or intervention.  Superhero is the word that came to my mind over and over that day.

With her loving husband and mother by her side, Canaan David Hoffman was born just after 7pm.  And he was just perfect.  I watched (and cried) as their hearts grew so very big in that moment.  It was a day I will never forget and am so thankful I got to witness and document it for them.

Jenny and Zach, y'all are already the most amazing parents.  I'm so, so happy for you and hope that God continues to bless you in your journeys.

**Images posted with permission.