This trip was a bucket list item, for sure.  My husband, an art historian, had never been and I hadn't been in over 20 years.  So when it came time to decide where we were going to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, there was only one place on the list.  Paris.

I poured over the details for this trip for 6 months, with the most important one being where we stayed.  I knew we had to have a balcony and I really wanted to be in the Montmartre area, so I was super excited to find an Airbnb that had views of the Sacre Coeur from the living room and the Eiffel Tower from the kitchen.  This trip wouldn't have been the same without this adorable and perfectly located apartment!  Coming home to a cold glass of wine and charcuterie plate on that balcony every night is definitely my favorite memory.

Day One:  The Louvre

Day Two:  Versailles --> Cafe Angelina --> Sacre Coeur

Day Three:  Braun Notes Coffee --> Musee d'Orsay --> Notre-Dame Cathedral

Day Four:  Centre Pompidou --> Seine River cruise --> Eiffel Tower

Day Five:  Montmartre (our favorite)


What an enchanting city.  Filled with canals, flowers, gorgeous architecture, bicycles, houseboats, and friendly people, Amsterdam completely stole my heart.  I was fortunate to tag along on my husband’s research trip and got to spend a week in this lovely city.  We stayed in the cutest Airbnb and loved how walkable everything was.  I had heard ahead of time that De Kas Restaurant was a must, and it ended up being one of my favorite moments of the trip.  Housed in a greenhouse, De Kas grows all of their own organic vegetables and herbs on site and has a fixed menu that changes daily depending on the harvest.  Hands down, it was one of the best meals I've ever had and was the coolest space for a modern restaurant with rich urban history. 

Our other highlights (and things I recommend for anyone traveling there) were the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt's House, Anne Frank House, Fotografiemuseum (FOAM), a dinner cruise on the canals, the floating flower market (Bloemenmarkt), and a day trip outside the city.  We decided to take the train south to Den Haag to find windmills and visit the Mauritshuis Museum (home of the Girl with a Pearl Earring).  I'm already thinking about our next trip there to catch the flower fields blooming in the spring!



My little loves

I have been dreaming of doing this session with my littles for a long time.  Dreaming of making these sweet photographs for them to look at when they are teenagers and fighting over the car they will likely share.  And for me to look at when we drop them off at college.  And hopefully, one day, for their children to look at.  I love being able to create something that is part of a family's legacy.  Both for my clients and for myself. The days are long and the years are short when you have small children.  I want to always remember these days.


Flower crown :: Fern Studio

Bowtie + Suspenders :: The Baxter Boy


My favorite people

Growing up, my mother took millions of photographs of my two siblings and I.  She always had her trusty point and shoot camera nearby.  But the closest we ever came to professional photographs of us was an Olan Mills portrait taken at church. Which is why these beautiful photographs, taken by our dear friends We are the Hoffmans, mean more to me than I can even put into words.  This little family that I get to call mine are the three most incredible gifts I've ever been given.  The amount of joy they bring me is something I am so, so thankful for.  They humble me, push me to be better, lift me up, make me laugh, pick me up when I fall, and remind me that the journey is far more important than the destination.

Also, a huge thank you to Ana Bateman of Cline's Salon for my hair and makeup- you are amazing.